Fall is right around the corner and we’re so excited! Every season has its pros for why it’s the best time to plan a wedding, but there’s a special place in our hearts for autumn vows. Fall weddings are inherently cozy, with the chance to incorporate textures like burlap or rattan and offer favors like small jars of local honey. There’s something about the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and cool weather that makes us adore this time of year. We’ve rounded up our top five favorite things about planning a fall wedding!

5 Best Things About Planning A Fall Wedding - Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

Hands down one of the best parts about fall are the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. Fall is nature’s last burst of color for the year and it makes for unparalleled photography opportunities. You’ll have an instantly gorgeous backdrop that will make you, your true love, and your pictures absolutely pop.

5 Best Things About Planning A Fall Wedding - Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu Items

Yes, pumpkin, but we also love seeing roasted veggies like butternut squash and sweet potatoes as delightful sides. We like shaking up the dessert table with warm, spicy, and in-season apples and pears. The cooler weather begs for soup, and a fun way to incorporate this underrated dish is to offer soup as a first course or serve soup shooters during your cocktail hour, hot to warm up your guests or cold as an interesting alternative.

5 Best Things About Planning A Fall Wedding - Fall Blooms

Fall Blooms

The bold colors don’t stop at the trees and we love seeing bouquets with rich and deep florals, like roses in a warm orange, deep burgundy dahlias, and royal purple lisianthuses. Blooms in colors like these are a complementary addition to the foliage outside and a great way to bring some of that stunning color to your wedding party and reception décor.

5 Best Things About Planning A Fall Wedding - Earlier Sunsets

Earlier Sunsets

It gets darker earlier in the fall, so while an evening summer wedding could still be sunny and rather warm, fall vows will have you walking down the aisle in a soft and ethereal candlelit ceremony. So incredibly romantic.

5 Best Things About Planning A Fall Wedding - Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Elegant and show-stopping, we love a wedding dress with sleeves. Whether made of delicate and intricate lace or simply beautiful silk, the unexpected and chic style of gowns with sleeves gives your wedding dress a stunning and unique style. Plus, those sleeves will keep you warmer in the cool weather, especially if you have an outdoor venue.

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