A wedding should reflect the couples’ personalities and honor their love story. Guests should feel a special connection to the bride and groom as they listen to the heartfelt vows and enjoy the reception. So how do you make your wedding day feel like an extension of yourselves? A personal wedding is all in the details. Choosing vendors and details that reflect your specific style is the key to making your wedding personal. Consider the most important elements of your wedding day: What time of day do you want to be married? Are you foodies, do you love to dance, are florals a priority to you? The answers to these questions can help you figure out how to showcase your personalities on your big day.

We have a few ideas that will ensure your wedding day is truly your own.

Choose a meaningful location
If you’ve always thought of saying “I do” in your own backyard or your childhood home, we say go for it! What better way to make your day feel like your own than by getting married where you or your betrothed grew up? If you don’t have a vast backyard to host your guests, consider looking at unique venues in your hometown, think: tree farms, the town hall, or a friend’s property. Do you have a favorite out-of-town locale? Consider hosting a destination wedding! We love weddings in warm places filled with palm trees, such as The Breakers and Lost Tree Club, both elegant and relaxing hotels in Florida, and Hotel Esencia, a luxurious oasis in Mexico. Saying your vows in a place you already find meaningful will instantly make you feel more relaxed and at home.

Incorporate heirlooms
Do you have a stunning antique necklace from your favorite aunt, a pair of gorgeous earrings from your grandmother, or a gold bracelet passed down on your father’s side? Wear them! If you already have a jewelry style picked out and your heirlooms don’t complement that look, consider incorporating these treasured pieces into your gown or bouquet. Having a piece of the family with you as you walk towards your future is an instant and special way to make the day feel more personal.

Embrace your travel bug
Is ‘Wanderlust’ your middle name? Bring your travels to your big day by showcasing where you’ve been together. Instead of table numbers at the reception, choose locations of cities or countries you visited. If there was a favorite French wine or Italian dessert you fell in love with while you were exploring Europe, consider serving that as part of your catering options. This way, your loved ones will feel like they were on the journey with you!

Include the family
Is there a special flatbread recipe in your family or does your sister make delicious cakes? Maybe your best friend has beautiful handwriting and wants to share in creating your invitations. Including recipes and decor that are meaningful to your family or made by family members gives a personal nod to family and tradition. Does a loved one play an instrument? Ask them to call everyone to the reception by the ‘blowing of the horns.’ Spend the day in the kitchen with your grandmother making personalized jars of honey or jam as a wonderful (and delicious!) wedding favor. Asking loved ones to be part of the creating and planning process gives an added personal touch and creates memories that will be cherished by everyone.

Feature special stationary
One of my favorite ways to personalize a wedding is in the design of the stationary elements. Whether it be a laser-cut gilded ceremony program, laser cut wood animal figures, or menus printed on linen napkins, there are no limits to creativity here. Do you and your forever date share a favorite author, book, or philosopher? Is there a quote that resonates with you both? If so, share that piece of you with your guests by including it on your invitations or in your guestbook. As your guests open up your beautifully crafted invitation for the first time or write down well wishes for you after the ceremony, they’ll be let in on one of the many special things that make you love each other so.

There are so many ways to make your wedding day personal, such as crafting your own wedding rings, inviting your lovable pet to be part of the ceremony, and serving your favorite, signature cocktails. By choosing thoughtful details that showcase your love, personalities, and life together, you’ll create an inviting atmosphere that is truly your own.

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