About Us


Known for her innovative designs, Katharine Patty Warden has designed and planned memorable events for over 30 years. Her passion for party planning and design stems from her education in the history of art, love of entertaining, and her background in catering. Kathy approaches each event as a fresh opportunity for creativity and innovation creating lasting impressions and memorable moments.

“We pride ourselves in approaching the event planning and design process differently from other wedding planners: our clients want their party to be unique, creative and innovative. We know that ‘form follows function’, so we work together with our team of vendors to make sure that all the creative elements enhance the overall guest experience of food service and entertainment.”

After 30 years in the floral design business, Kathy is retiring TableArt and will focus on wedding planning; incorporating design consultation into the list of services that we offer our clients.

KPW Productions provides planning services to carry out every aspect of your wedding day without a hitch. Our team works with clients throughout the planning process, prioritizing the complete guest experience from the selection of venue and vendor and bridal party fashion, to timeline development and paper detail consultations. Whether it be fashion, beauty, photography, videography, food, entertainment, or flowers, KPW Productions designs, plans, and produces events that focus on what you care about the most.