Christina Hadlow, one of our fabulous planners, joined the Director of Weddings + Social Events for Pinch Food Design in New York City this week for an interactive tasting. With a passion for unique presentations, mouthwatering flavor combinations, and an imaginative approach to event catering, her rendezvous with Pinch was thrilling and inspiring. This is what she told us. (And yes, we’re jealous.)

We kicked the appointment off with this gorgeous and delicious color-changing cocktail and cheers to our future events. This creative cocktail set the stage for the tasting which allowed me to experience their ambition first hand of creating an event dining experience for all guests that is new and unpredictable, yet approachable. Pinch’s goal while crafting each beverage and bite is something that truly inspires conversation.

What looks like the common elote is nothing short of a scrumptious trick. The dish is created with fresh corn made into a delectable charred corn pudding, topped with cotija cheese, fresh cilantro, and a kick of chili all set in a corn kernel mode and laid on a crisp. No mess but all the delight.

Artisans within Pinch collaborate to create innovative movements for guests to enjoy. Specialty crafted service displays and trays can inspire the chefs during the creation of the menu while the food can inspire the artisan to create something fresh and dynamic to transport the delectable culinary creation to guests. Each new bite was as distinctive and enchanting as the one before it.

While enjoying hors d’oeuvres, it’s easy to run into the issue of too much to balance and not enough hands to eat and drink with. Pinch Food Design ingeniously solved the problem by creating custom dishware to ensure guests enjoy their beverages and bites with no hassle.

We had fun smashing into this pita pillow to expose a first “inter-course” of a fresh greek salad. Also, can we take a look at how the fork is displayed? Another example of Pinch’s attention to detail.

A favorite of the get together was a series of compressed “fruit cocktails,” a spin on the retro fruit cocktail. The melt-in-your-mouth flavors include refreshing Watermelon Mojito, island-worthy Pineapple Colada, and a fun twist on an old favorite, a Pear Old Fashioned.

With standout designs, amazing flavors, and stunning thoughtfulness to their presentations and service, we can’t wait to collaborate with Pinch on our client’s next celebration. We are looking forward to meeting at the Pinch studio in West Chelsea once again to craft a personal experience that will delight all of the senses and wow each guest so much so that they can’t wait to brag to their coworkers on the following Monday and for weeks to come about their culinary experience at our client’s event.

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