A collaboration of talented artists gathered together
to celebrate and express individual creativity.

Musicians, Floral Designers, Chefs, Graphic Designers, Lighting Designers,
Event Planners and …yes, Writers, we are united artists striving to create innovative
unbeige expressions to our clients and to ourselves.

TableArt recently collaborated with Artesano Events and Catering, Elan Artists,
Eventions Productions and Two PaperDolls for a fantastic event at the Artesano Gallery.
We share with you the story of our unbeige artistic rendezvous.

Flower display

TableArt‘s inspiration for a dramatic first impression for guests came from Artesano‘s glass tabletop with decorative ironwork.

Glass containers designed with white floating candles and perfect white anemones were symmetrically placed at proper eye level to provide a focal point.


Artesano Gallery is a loft style, converted warehouse, exhibiting magnificent,
hand forged iron artwork. The wooden benches with red velvet seat cushions shown on the far left in the image above that was TableArt‘s inspiration for the dramatic 3-D buffet composition. Ironically, when edited images from Shane Carpenter Weddings came in, it was discovered that this bench was inspiration for our photographers and musicians.

red carnations

Unbeige red carnations were designed to represent
the red velvet bench seat cushion. The four “benches” of  carnations created a square frame for the 3-D, geometric buffet design. This design created plenty of space for
Artesano Catering and Events to place platters and trays.


carnations and candles

Repeating circles and orbs using different materials,
collectively created a impressionable, three dimentional art installation.


Shane Carpenter Weddings represented by Elan Artists
found the same wooden bench inspirational
as shown by this fabulous image of Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche is a unique jazz group that can transport listeners from
an American speakeasy, to a Parisian Cafe, to the streets of Havana.
They have  the ability to perform in six different languages.


The red velvet bench played an important role in this image of exceptional art and artistry captured by Shane Carpenter Weddings represented by Elan Artists.

intimate conversation

Subtle amber uplights provided by Eventions Produtions
created a warm environment for intimate conversation. It was interesting to discover that what was TableArt‘s initial inspiration for decor,
unfolded to be a part of the evening for our guests and fellow artists.


The evening rolled out and the Artesano Gallery was filled with guests enjoying jazz artistry of Carte Blanche represented by Elan Artists.

sultry lounge

Rhythm Collective represented by Elan Artists followed with a premier range of dance variety, sultry lounge and oldies classics.


table detail

the talent

exquisite food

Kelly Cook of Artesano Catering and Events showcased her incredible talent as an internationally trained chef with innovative tastes and exquisite food styling.


This unique image of the shadow of the chandelier captures the contemporary, photojournalistic vision of Shane Carpenter Weddings
represented by Elan Artists. These images have been possible by the brilliant lighting provided by Evention Productions.
Below are additional unbeige images of lighting and photgraphy.


lobby decor

Stella Notte Invite

The invitation sets the tone and builds the buzz for any event. With paper as the canvas,
Two PaperDolls created two dimensional art that graphically painted the picture to guests of the evening to come. We have taken a different approach of sharing with you the image of the invitation created by TwoPaperDolls at the end of our story to show how brilliantly the invitation captured the details of the evening from the font to the fabulous background.

talented artists

These are a few of the talented artists we have the pleasure of working with on this beautiful evening.

Pictured from left to right, 1st row: Jamie Romansky, TableArt; Kathy Warden,TableArt; Ivan Roa, Artesano Events and Catering; Vanessa Kreckel, Two PaperDolls; Christina Hadlow, TableArt; Gretchen Clements, Elan Artists.

Pictured from left to right, 2nd row: Josh Friedman, Elan Artists; Rian Winther, Eventions Productions; Marnie Cullen, TableArt; Anna Davis, Open Eye Documentary; Shane  Carpenter, Shane Carpenter Weddings.

events catering black

elan artists

Eventions logo

Two Paper Dolls

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