Flowers and herbs have been a part of weddings ceremonies since the beginning of time.  Women carried herbs and garlic to celebrate marriage
as a gift from nature and to ward off evil spirits.

Today, we consider Bridal bouquets as organic jewelry
that reflects a Brides’s personal style and flair.
We share with you some of our favorite Bridal Bouquets from this summer and
the wonderful photographers who have captured them with timeless images.

Bride's bouquetPhotography by Marie Labbancz

Bouquet detail

Photography by Marie Labbancz


Photography by Kirk Hoffman

Bride and her bridemaids

Photography by Heather Fowler

Photography by Heather Fowler

Bouquet of flowers

Photography by Sarah DiCiccio

Bride and Bridesmaids

Photography by Sarah DiCiccio

pink bouquet

Photography by Sarah DiCiccio

Groom and bride

Photography by Sarah DiCiccio

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