The bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory.
When else do you get to carry an intimate gathering of flowers
especially designed for you?  TableArt loves working with our brides
to design the perfect bridal bouquet. The design process allows us
the opportunity to get to know our bride. We take into consideration
every element; from the details of the dress, to the color palette
and season of the wedding.

Each of our brides approaches the design of her bouquet differently. Some brides
come to our design studio with Pinterest boards filled with
images and inspiration, while some brides are not sure where to start
and are looking for guidance and direction.  We love it when a bride
has a particular “must have” flower that has a special meaning or
would like to incorporate a special family heirloom, a piece of
treasured lace, or an antique brooch.

There are various style and shapes for bouquets. Monochromatic white
is still classic and a traditionally popular color, but these days
anything goes. Color palettes can range from soft pastels, to rich
vibrant hot pinks, deep burgundy and violets. Adding textural elements
to bridal bouquets are a growing trend. Organic elements such as herbs,
fiddlehead ferns and succulents are becoming more and more popular.

  We are thrilled to share with you a few of TableArt‘s signature
Bridal Bouquets and look forward to working with our brides
for new and creative floral combinations.

TableArt: Bouquets

 The round bouquet is the oldest and most traditional of all bouquet shapes. It is incredibly versatile and looks beautiful with almost all wedding dress styles.

White Bouquet Collage

TableArt: Cascading Bouquet

TableArt: White?pale Pink Bouquet

TableArt - Calla Lily Bouquet

0101The elegant gathering of modern lilies
is a good choice for a slim fitting gown.

TableArt: Bridal Bouquet

TableArt - Mixed Bouquet

Peach & Pink Collage

TableArt: Pink Bridal Bouquet

TableArt: Peony Bouquet Collage

TableArt: Coral & Pink Bouquet Collage

TableArt: Pink Toned Bridal Bouquet

TableArt: Pink and White Bridal Bouquet

Tableart - Pink Bridal Bouquet

TableArt: Lavender and White Bridal BouquetsA cascading bouquet resembles a waterfall.
The flowers “spill” out of the front of the bouquet.

TableArt: Bridal Bouquet

TableArt - Lily of The Valley Bridal Bouquet

TableArt: Bridal Bouquet

Jewel Bouquet Collage

SaMa-0548A modern style bouquet made of exotic flowers
and tropical blooms is perfect for the contemporary bride.

TableArt: Modern Bridal Bouquet

Silv-0989Many thanks to the talented photographers
that we have the pleasure of working with that
capture these amazing images.

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