We understand! We understand that you have spent months or years devoting your time, energy, imagination, patience, and money preparing for your celebration and now, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, everything has come to a halt. Now your time, energy, and patience are spent contemplating the uncertainty of what to do next. Trust us, we understand.

First, it is okay to be upset. You’re not being a bridezilla or a diva. We know you’re concerned about the health of your family and friends both near and far, and, at the same time, we know postponing your event is disappointing and heartbreaking. We’re here to help you through this transition, please know you are not alone.

Here are a few things to consider, and some tips, once you’ve decided to change your event date:

Talk to your vendors. They all want to be involved and are ready to jump in to help design new menus and floral design concepts. One of the challenges in finding a new date is finding one that works for all of your vendors. This is all happening so fast and all vendors are now being forced to make big decisions really quickly as clients scramble to find new dates in 2020 for their wedding or special event. Sometimes the caterer has a conflict, or the band or the photographer may already have been booked. What do you do then, how do you decide?

We suggest communicating your priorities with your partner and together clearly defining your most important vendors. What parts about your wedding day are a priority and who are the vendors you cannot live without? For example, if serving food from a specific vendor is one of your top priorities, talk with your caterer and pick a date that works for them, then move forward from there. We understand this is a very difficult decision, as we know you spent a lot of time interviewing vendors and it can be hard to imagine starting over. But the good news is there’s a lot of talent out there! There are so many great bands, photographers, and hair and makeup companies, and our industry is working together to overcome all of these challenges.

So, my recommendation is to work with your vendors, talk to them, ask their opinion. Maybe they know another band or photographer in their network that would be able to jump on board. The special events industry relies on the success of the teams of vendors that work together; trust them and allow them to help you.

You may have to hire new vendors. In that event, talk to us. The KPW team has 30 years of experience in the industry which has given us strong and irreplaceable relationships with incredible vendors. We will work together to help you navigate these waters.

For a creative way to share your new event date, send out Change the Date cards. To contact all of your guests about the postponement of your celebration, we recommend sending out Change the Date cards with a sweet message of love and hope. You can create paper Change the Date cards via Zola, and Etsy has several beautiful digital Change the Date cards to choose from. This will let your loved ones know of your plans, your appreciation of their understanding, and your positivity during this situation. Embracing a sense of hope early on will establish the foundation for a positive outlook as we all move forward.

Is your event now taking place during a different time of year? If so, you may need to think about changing the design direction. Ask yourself, will the same flowers be available? Does the menu need to change? Will you want to alter your color palette to accommodate the new seasonal ambiance? Pinterest and Instagram are valuable tools for gathering fresh inspiration for your event. In starting your research, we think it’s important to note that florals of all seasons are beautiful and unique; seasonal menu items during any time of year are savory and delicious, and your new event date may even have opened some design doors that were originally closed to you! Each season has its benefits, and fall and winter weddings are equally as lovely and heartfelt as weddings held in the spring.

Being a good hostess means thinking about your guests and creating a beautiful experience for them. Even though many circumstances seem out of your control right now, it is still possible to create an engaging, organic aesthetic that speaks to your personality. We recommend brainstorming unique ways to embrace this change and we can help you on this path. You may find that the end result is better than you ever could have imagined. After all, designing celebrations featuring innovative techniques and novel ideas is what we specialize in!

Consider reaching out to us. We can help you navigate this uncharted territory and work together so you can enjoy the planning process again. We’ll collaborate with your team of professional partners or connect you with our trusted team of vendors to ensure that your current plan translates to your new date with little to no financial penalty. (We encourage you to move quickly, as the fall 2020 schedule was already pretty full for many vendors and will now be even tighter.)

Our three decades of special event experience gives us essential tools to provide you with real solutions while you alter your event plans, and the industry as a whole is coming together to ensure your event is as meaningful and special as you originally planned. We look forward to seeing the inventive ways we can embrace these changes together. Your friends and family will be so excited and grateful for your celebration of love and life once this time of social distancing has come to an end.

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