I believe designing a wedding is so more than producing an event, it is an opportunity to create an innovative and memorable experience.

Together, the KPW Productions team works with trusted vendors to craft thoughtful and detailed-designed weddings. We move beyond a basic color palette to deliver an engaging experience that is woven together using a focused design plan that engages the guests so they feel wonderfully enveloped within all facets of the wedding experience.

Our goal is to produce a wedding that stimulates all the senses. We always ask ourselves what the guests will see, smell, taste, hear, and touch. Then we use these answers as a guideline for the design features that define each unique wedding.

This approach pulls the event details together and creates an organized and effortless experience, alive with texture, beauty, and creativity, that celebrates the bride’s personal style and taste.

Utilizing innovative designs and refreshing techniques, KPW views each wedding as a blank canvas, an opportunity to choreograph a guest experience filled with unique and memorable moments. Each wedding we create and produce is designed to be very personal and unique to the bride’s personality and taste. No two brides are alike, therefore no two weddings are alike.

In addition, not all wedding planners are as design-focused as we are, and that attracts a certain client. Our clients are very focused on the look and feel of their wedding; creating a specific, thoughtful aesthetic and a unique experience are their priorities. Our clients want to wow their guests and have them walk away saying, “That was the best wedding we have ever been to.” Not because you can put a dollar value on each detail or because they served caviar and Dom Perignon, but because we created a unique and creative experience and every detail, both visual and service, was paid careful attention to.

Many venues, planners, and clients prioritize the value of a wedding, charging an all-inclusive fee for the venue, band, food, and flowers that creates a ‘package wedding.’ The look and feel of these weddings are standardized and we feel it’s important to offer our clients something more personal and creative.

It is very hard to compare apples to apples in the wedding planning industry. We aren’t necessarily doing things that other wedding planners aren’t, but we’re doing them differently. Just as every bride is unique, every wedding planner is unique in their approach, process, and systems.

At a tented wedding in a private residence (see below), we created a classic, traditional, and simply beautiful event featuring elegant crystal chandeliers, silver revere bowls filled with pink roses, and a Plexiglass pool cover for the ceremony and dance floor. The floral-only bouquets and a monogrammed aisle runner were stunning and personal details that made a memorable impression in this elegant wedding.

In my opinion, designing a wedding benefits from the personal connection we build with our clients. We strive to create this trusting, working relationship with our clients so that we have creative freedom and the ability to think out of the box. We want to get to know our clients priorities, likes, and dislikes so that we can choreograph an experience that is authentic and beautiful.

This relationship creates some truly wonderful outcomes. One of our favorite brides to work with allowed us to demonstrate our ability to think outside of the box while creating her modern wedding at The Logan; we crafted the event inspired by her love of still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. (See below.)

She wanted a contemporary, sophisticated, and dramatic interpretation of the classic and traditional painting style. We achieved this by using modern geometric vessels with copper and gold accents, in combination with Plexiglass boxes and tall glass vases. Our floral arrangements were organic, colorful, and textural. Rich gemstone hues could be seen throughout the evening and tied together with the theme. These thoughtful and creative details allowed guests to feel like they were inside one of the bride’s beloved paintings.

Our clients love when we bring them unique ideas on how to celebrate their personal style and taste. This often starts with the design of the wedding website and save-the-date, then the invitation and event design.

During the planning of an organic and enchanted wedding, the bride always knew she wanted to host her wedding at her family’s farm (see below). She envisioned an ethereal atmosphere that embraced the farm’s scenic location. This organic and whimsical wedding set the tone from the very beginning with intricately etched designs in the invitations, a detail that was repeated with the ceremony programs and reception signage. Her bridesmaids complemented the elegant and enchanted woodland ambiance in soft blush pink dresses and carried lightweight hoops accented with cascading florals of blush spray roses, purple hellebore, and greenery.

We included sophisticated touches to the reception space, such as whimsical floral displays and candelabras, along with a charming wooden table and a collection of tree stumps that created an enchanted and organic atmosphere. Fairy lights, moss, and bubble lights added shimmery light and wild texture to the tables of the reception.

We crafted a chic holiday-inspired wedding (see below) at The Union League that was elegant, sophisticated, and inspired by the effortless style of Ralph Lauren. The bride wore a gorgeous formal gown with classic red pumps and the bridesmaid attire featured timeless black and white dresses. Simply stunning white florals accented the reception tablescapes and created the perfect, sophisticated ambiance for this elegant Ralph Lauren-styled wedding reception.

In designing a wedding, KPW strives to weave one main design detail or aesthetic throughout the entire event. Whether that feature pertains to a holiday, geometric shape, or natural environment surrounding the venue, this technique honors and celebrates the couple’s style and creates a fluid, effortless atmosphere where the guests are completely immersed in the wedding experience.

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