One of the many great things about being in the business of flowers is that each season brings a different color pallete with variety of textures. Recently, Kathy went to the New York Flower Markets and took some great photos of flowers that inspired all of us!

New York Flower Markets


Gorgeous. How amazing is this orange, peach and rose toned Coxscomb!

bi-colored Dahlias

These bi-colored Dahlia almost look surreal.

Beautiful Flowers

blue vibernum with thystle

We are looking forward to using this very special blue vibernum with thystle,
and blue hydrangea for an upcoming event.

Breeds of flowers

Blue flowers

Interesting flowers

New Breeds of flowers

The flower industry is a fascinating multi million dollar business. There are new breeds of flowers introduced every season. If you would like to learn more about flower business, we suggest
The New York Times Bestseller,” Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart.

Flower Confidential

It’s a great read with lots of interesting insights.

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