From October 26th to November 4th we are hosting a Pop-Up Art Show at The National Horse Show in Kentucky with featured artists Weatherly Stroh, Missy Kennedy, and Frank Bruckmann.

Get to know Missy Kennedy

Missy Kennedy had been a volunteer photographer for the Erie County SPCA for 8 years (her job to help get the animals adopted) when she was asked to do an art show focusing on a topic she was passionate about. Animal rescue had been a passion of Missy’s since she was a teenager and with the thousands of animal photos she had accumulated over the years an idea was hatched!

1. Was there a pivotal moment that began your career as an artist?
Yes, my pivotal moment was in high school biology class. I didn’t have the heart to dissect a frog. My teacher paired me with my friend Nancy (became a doctor!) and told me to look the other way and suggested I take his photography class. That moment changed the course of my life.

2. Can you tell us about the process of making your work?
All the photographs are taken of rescue animals looking for their forever home. They all have a story to tell and it’s my passion. If I won the lottery I would have a huge ranch for all the animals I could fit. I start with whatever photo speaks to me. Then with the gazillion photo tools at my disposal, I keep playing and layering and tweaking until I’m happy. These images made people smile and sometimes laugh. The stories of some of these animals are heartbreaking, as you can imagine, so if my photos can help get someone a fur-ever home I’m happy!

3. How has your artistic style developed and changed over your career?
My style has always been a little quirky. I like to make sure I capture the soul of the person/ animal I am photographing. No one likes to be photographed, I try to make it painless, fun and try to disarm them to capture who they are.

Featured Artist: Missy Kennedy

Featured Artist: Missy Kennedy - KPW Productions

4. Where do you find inspiration and who are your biggest influences?
My influences have not really changed, I find new artists I think are awesome and take it all in. I love anyone who has a sense of humor if I can portray that in this nutty world I’m happy

5. Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?
This is so hard to narrow down to one! Philippe Halsman and Duane Michaels because they are funny and evoking and I don’t think there is enough humor in art!

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