This past week, I have had the great fortune to meet with several wonderful
new brides to be. It’s amazing how we start as strangers and within a short time come to know each other as ideas and inspirations are exchanged. I just finished writing a proposal
for a fabulous girl. When we met earlier this week, the first thing she told me was how excited she was to walk down the grassy aisle of her outdoor, Vermont style, wedding, barefoot.
A barefoot bride celebrating her wedding in June…I can feel the grass between my toes!
Why not an anklet of white freesia blooms? Flowers for the bride don’t always have to be
what is expected…. And what a great photograph to symbolize her unique style!


This particular girl went into great detail of describing her farmhouse style venue.
Let’s create a garland of bark wire and ivy to be swaged on the porch railing as a place card holder. She loves old style typewriter letter stamps. Bingo! With a little fun work
at home in front of a movie, I suggested that she create cool tags to be hung from the place card garland for each of her guests. In addition to blue and white garden flowers for her Mason jar centerpieces, we suggested using accents of vibernum berry.


With so many amazing resources for brides, personal touches become the
soul of the celebration. She wasn’t certain of how to present the guest favor of Jordan Almonds.
I suggested packaging them in square corrugated cardboard boxes. Using her love
of stamping…a single letter of the now new couple’s last name could be stamped on each box and placed at each guests seat. No one would forget that subtle detail!


Above is an example of a bride using a party favor
as a guest place card. Check out for amazing stationary ideas.

I wonder what color is she going to choose for her pedicure?

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