This Saturday Evening is the National Museum of American Jewish History
Grand Opening Gala and TableArt will be there.

The design concept for The Gala was inspired by the architecture and design of the museum.
It represents the heritage of American Jews from the vintage old world to the modern new world.

TableArt will be posting blogs on all the buzz and all the blooms
happening as we prepare for the phenomenal Gala.
We will be giving you insights on many components from
flowers, tent, lighting, deliveries and day of installation.

Flowers will be arriving all week from locations across the globe such as;
Thailand, Holland, South America, Chili, and California.

Flower Order

We start by checking each of the flowers in and making sure the counts are correct.

Purple Haze Rose

This beautiful Purple Haze Rose caught all of our eyes.
After each flower is checked in, they go through a process called conditioning.
Conditioning techniques vary from flower to flower.

Prep work


Rose stems

Our guaranteed way to obtain the same length
from all of your stems begins with a gathering of flowers…

evening the flowers

Next, turn the flowers upside down and make sure the flower heads are all even…

Rose Preperation

…and cut the stems evenly. Viola!

Flower arrangement

This process helps quite a bit when there are hundreds of flowers to condition.

Lots of flowers!

The studio turned into a sea of gorgeous flowers.

detail of flowers


Here is some of the TableArt team working behind the scenes.
There were lots of laughs today.


860 Mokara Orchids..Really ???, says  “Susan with a smile”

Moses at work

Moses has been with TableArt for five years. He does it all!
Turning flowers over to count stems is much easier then trying to count flower heads.


Lovely Anna. Bright and cheerful everyday.

Ives Piaget roses

These Ives Piaget roses are amazing.
We can’t wait to show you their transformation.


More to come tomorrow…

The TableArt Team

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