i was so fortunate to be able to have a one on one conversation with preston bailey at our mentoring session in march.

we talked about the power of visualization; you need to really think about what you want and work towards your goals.

we talked about many things, and  one of the things that  Preston told me to do was to get on TV.. well first of all,  i hate to have my picture taken, much less stand in front of a tv camera.. but today i did it and we were  live.. i was a little nervous, but it went so fast.. and i had fun!

this morning, i spoke about the concept of DIY mothers day bouquets.

Do It Yourself

don’t be intimidated, be creative.

i recommend that you buy fresh cut flowers from a local grocer; whole foods and trader joes have great selections and the prices are great.

this week Whole Foods has Peonies for 9.99 a bunch!! wow you cant beat that price.

choose a vessel and be creative; a mason jar or antique jar from a flea market are fun options

cut your stems on an angle and place in the vase so that the height of the flowers is no more than twice the height of the vase

i love flowers en masse, arrangements with an abundance of one single flower..

for all you moms out there; teach your children how to arrange flowers; this is one gift that will keep on giving.

happy mothers day

Check out this video clip!

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