What’s your wedding style? Do you envision a traditional event, lean more towards contemporary themes, or maybe you plan to blend a bit of both? There are many choices to be made when planning a wedding, so it’s good to have an idea of your thoughts and priorities from the beginning. Whether you want to be married by the pastor in your hometown while you wear a long, white dress and eat a beautiful cake, or are planning an intimate oceanside ceremony in the location where you two fell in love while wearing a pantsuit and eating mini pies, or a combination of the two, the important thing is that your wedding reflects your personalities and your love for one another.

Traditional Ceremony Venue vs. Garden, Art Gallery, Mountain Lodge, Hotel, etc.
Vows are traditionally exchanged in a place of worship, such as a church or temple, and are based around the religious views of the couple. Passages from a religious text are read, traditional wedding vows are shared, and the couple is married by an ordained member of their religion. Traditions and history are important aspects in families, both established and newly beginning. It can be incredibly meaningful for a couple to be married in the same place one or both of them was baptised and raised, and where they plan to raise their children in the future.

If that sounds lovely, but not quite like you, there are contemporary venues that are beautiful and meaningful and will also host your wedding ceremony. Gardens offer immediate ambiance and striking blooms, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place that somewhere that comes with an array of seasonal flowers and greenery. Choosing a contemporary option also allows you to design your own ceremony, if, for example, you want to include a handfasting ritual, say your own vows, or combine aspects of your individual religions and backgrounds. If you already know a traditional ceremony isn’t for you, thinking outside the box for a venue will help you to create a personal wedding that speaks to your values and personalities.

Paper vs. Digital Invitations
Traditionally, an engaged couple sends out paper save-the-dates, followed by an invitation inviting loved ones to share in their big day, and then a beautiful thank you card. There’s something special about holding a thoughtfully designed invitation in your hand, which then of course lives on your fridge as a reminder of the celebration to come. In addition, paper invitations are friendly to everyone, regardless of their online presence. This includes Grandma and Grandpa, who may not check their e-mail regularly.

It’s not the only way, though. If you’re not into paper invites, say you want to decrease your carbon footprint, are choosing to go paperless for the convenience, or you’re putting your budget priorities elsewhere, you’re not alone. Digital invitations make the planning itself easier, with all of your attending guests and their food preferences compiled neatly into one document. You’re easily able to update and see who has RSVP’d and who has yet to respond. You’re also more likely to get immediate responses, since replying is really as easy as clicking a button. No stops to the mailbox necessary.

Sit Down Dinner vs. Creative Menu
Traditional meals usually include bite size hors d’oeuvres passed around after the ceremony, followed by a sit down dinner of a soup and salad course, the delicious main entree, and, of course, dessert; all being served to your guests while they relax at a table made up of new and old friends. Think: Country Club or Union League style. It’s a tried and true system everyone is comfortable with; you know the food will be delectable and you can count on staples such as meat, fish, and veggie options. Not to mention your favorite beer, wine, and cocktails will be offered during dinner and dancing.

For an interactive dining experience, consider menu planning from caterers such as Pinch Food Design and Heirloom Fire. Pinch features carefully crafted flavor combinations displayed on ingenious and efficient dishware, paired with imaginative (and sometimes color-changing!) cocktails. For seasonal menus crafted over an open fire you’re going to want to check out Heirloom Fire; they offer exquisite dishes made of heirloom fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and local game, paired with specialty seasonal beverages and a fireside coffee service with dessert. If you’re looking to offer your guests a little something extra with their meal, watch as they experience a thoughtful, fun, and creative menu.

Wedding Cake vs. Pie, Macarons, Doughnuts, Cake Pops, S’mores, etc.
There’s nothing like a statuesque, tiered wedding cake to cut into at the end of your dinner; there really isn’t. With custom wedding toppers, filling of your choice, and plenty of room for decoration inspiration, you can’t go wrong. Bakers create truly one-of-a-kind designs in some very very delicious flavors, this is the traditional choice for a reason.

Those looking for something different, perhaps wanting more variety for guests, smaller bites, or maybe you just don’t like cake, there are other, equally as delicious options! Consider instead: Pies, doughnuts, macarons, and more! Available in an array of tasty flavors, from mouthwatering maple bacon doughnuts to refreshing key lime tarts to autumn’s own favorite: pumpkin pie, you can’t go wrong with offering an assortment of dessert choices at your wedding any time of year. And what’s more fun than engaging your guests via food than by having them create their own s’mores masterpieces? A definite for a wedding with children. Dress up your desserts by adorning them with beautiful blooms, integrate designs and textures, such as a braided or monogrammed golden crust, and watch as your guests fall in love. Visually dynamic and downright delicious, pies, doughnuts, and macarons are a scrumptious and surprising addition to any dessert table.

So when you are thinking about your wedding style ask yourself, “what makes us different? What is special and unique to us as individuals, a couple and families? What are the best ways to celebrate our passions and values?” We work with our clients to celebrate their personal style, taste, and values through the selection of venue and vendors and finding unique and creative ways to celebrate you.

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