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The Philadelphia Eagles have a very important away game
against the New York Giants tomorrow at 1pm.

After we installed the Eagles Holiday Party yesterday at The Linc,
TableArt wanted to share with you the easy steps
for creating the game winning arrangements featured at the party
for your Eagles party at home.

step 1

Step 1: We started with holly branches and trimmed them down to small pieces.

Step 2

Step 2: After filling tall glass cylinders with water,
the holly branch pieces were submerged in batches inside the cylinder.

Step 3

Step 3: Next we trimmed down branches of Southern Magnolia.
Some of you may be fortunate enough to have this tree in your yard that you can cut branches from.
The incredible leaf is shiny Eagles green on one side and
burnt umber with a ultra seude texture on the other.

Step 4

Step 4: We created a cuff from the Southern Magnolia branches around the top of the cylinder
and accented the arrangement with tall birch branches

Step 5

Step 5: The WOW factor came from fabulous white hydrangea that was added last.
Ta Da!
A game winning arrangement that you can create at home.

Room Shot

Was that one too big and you want to try something smaller?
Try  one of the simple cocktail arrangements.


Stems of white amaryllis cut short accented with cedar tips and
sprigs of birch branches designed in a square glass cube.


Green parrot tulips anchored in red cranberries.
White tulips from your local grocery can be substituted for the green parrots.


A companion arrangement can be created by swirling the tulips
in a glass bubble bowl and adding a floating candle in the center.


White hydrangea accented with cedar tips, mini lotus pods and pine cones was a wonderful combination of texture and scale.

Try any of these beautiful combinations and share your results with us.
We would love to hear from you!


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