It’s an uncertain time right now, especially if you’re planning a fall or winter wedding. It may seem as though the world has stopped, with shops closed and shipping delayed, but there are still things that can be done to continue the wedding planning process. I recommend taking a look at your planning calendar and identifying those items that were on your to-do lists for two, three, or four months out from your wedding date. Is there anything on that timeline that can be accomplished now? There’s a good chance at least some of those tasks can be done from your home office and now is the perfect time to tackle them!

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a short list of things you can do now to continue the planning process.

Design your invitations and day of stationery elements.
Pinterest and Instagram are incredible sources of inspiration and creativity to start researching styles and paper designs that truly speak to you as a couple. There are many online stationery sources or you can shop local for your paper goods. Consider the benefits and challenges for each, such as price point, availability, shipping, and customer service. Research your options and talk to trusted sources. Do you have a friend whose wedding invitations you loved? Contact her for her thoughts and recommendations! Our recommendations include a few of our favorite vendors to work with and follow on social media: TPD Design House, CHICK, Papertree Studio, and The Papery.

Create welcome bags for your out-of-town guests.
Welcome bags are a thoughtful gesture for those traveling long distances to share in your wedding celebration. Purchasing goods from local, small businesses benefits everyone involved. You’ll be contributing to the local economy, supporting a small business owner–which is incredibly important right now–and giving your guests something meaningful and memorable to open upon their arrival, as well as providing them with a personal taste of your wedding location. Include items such as chocolate from a local sweets shop, a postcard of the town you’re in, small bottles of something bubbly to kick off the wedding weekend, and don’t forget the hangover remedy kits and boxed water for the following morning!

Think about the music you want to play at your wedding.
Reach out to your band and discuss song selections, such as the music you would like to play during your ceremony, what song you’d like for your bridesmaids procession, as well as for when you walk down the aisle and your recessional. Music is so important for creating the vibe of your party, so think about what style of music you’d like during your cocktail hour, then choose songs for your first dance and parent dances. Don’t forget to mention songs or genres you absolutely do not want the band to play!

Consider the flow of the weekend and begin to draft your Wedding Weekend Timeline.
Try to visualize your wedding weekend. Think about how and when you want your guests and bridal party to experience the entire weekend, from their arrival to the hotel, to getting to and from your venues. Check out your photographer and band questionnaires; these will ask you very direct questions about timing for special moments and shot lists for your family and bridal party photographs. Connect with your hair and makeup artists and ask them how much time they will need to style everyone before the ceremony. When and where will hair and makeup be done and how will your bridal party be getting from home or the salon to the wedding venue? Much of the timing and logistics for transportation can be organized now, which will save you from planning these small details later on.

Plan out how you want to seat your guests.
It can be a stressful part of the planning process to ensure people are sitting near complementary personalities and in an appropriate location within the reception space; it can also be time consuming. How relieving will it be to know that when we come out of social distancing, your seating chart will be complete?

In my opinion, the key to successful wedding planning from your home office during this difficult time is to stay connected with your vendors. Utilize the same tools that you already have in your office to connect with us, we are all communicating via conference calls, FaceTime, and Zoom! Ask them what things you can do now that you might have put off until later. The more work that can be completed ahead of time, the better!

Your vendors will really appreciate the work now. They will want to get a head start on their fall and winter weddings, especially since now all of the spring and summer events have been postponed and our end-of-year calendars are very full. Thinking ahead and being proactive with the time you have now will benefit everyone, from your vendors to your guests.

Use this time you have to plan your wedding, especially if you’re currently living and working from home with your future spouse, and make it fun! This is just one step in your life’s journey together, and the way you work to overcome these challenges and changes will further create a solid foundation as you move forward.

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