We are not your typical wedding planners.

TableArt takes pride in creating brilliant weddings which are
inclusive of spectacular environments with detailed designs and
full-scale logistical planning that all come together to celebrate
our client’s personal taste and vision.

Jen and Josh’s passion to host an extraordinary, modern and chic celebration
shines through in the many of the details captured
by Gabe Cariola of Philip Gabriel Photography.
Josh, an event industry professional, was actively involved
in the choreography of the evening to ensure that the couple’s closest family
and friends were treated to a night of experiences that they had never seen before.
Josh and Jen dreamed that their first dance as husband and wife
would feel intimate to them, while creating a production that
would wow their guests. Timing by our team of vendors was
imperative to creating this important moment.

TableArt designed a floor plan at The Phoenixville Foundry which
separated the dance floor from the dining room
with a wall of gauzy scrim that was dramatically uplit in blue,
and showcased the couple sleek monogram.
On cue, we escorted the couple from their seats at the head table
to the dance floor.  
Josh and Jen took their mark and struck their first pose.

TableArt dimmed in the lights in the main dining room, quieting the guests.
The logo was removed from the scrim and the couple’s silhouette
was casted on the gauzy scrim. As guests and family watched in awe,
the newlyweds executed their choreographed dance like professionals.
At the first chorus and on TableArt‘s cue, the silhouette faded
and the couple was lit from above so that they could be seen by guests
through the scrim. As the second chorus began, the scrim was lifted
into the ceiling clearly revealing the couple and bringing guests to their feet.
Their first dance was a brilliant moment that they and their guests
will remember for their lifetime.

Epstein dance

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