Yesterday at the office, Susan shared an amazing recipe for butternut squash soup.
Even though it may still be warm and muggy out,
it is time to celebrate the fall and harvested produce.

We had a very special client who asked for extra large white pumpkins. We would love to share with you images taken from The Leola Produce Auction located in Lancaster County, where went went to search for the perfect pumpkins.
It is a wonderful resource for Fall pumpkins and produce.

Fall Flowers

It was fascinating seeing all the different forms of transportation
from horse drawn carts to tractors.

Pumpkins and horses


butternut squash

All of these butternut squash could make a lot of Susan’s soup.


brussel sprout stalks

These brussel sprout stalks were unbelievable.

concord grapes

The aroma of these fresh concord grapes was incredible!!!

White Pumpkins

Pumpkin variety

Pumpkins of every variety, shape, size, and color were available.

Leola Produce

Amish and Mennonite farmers

There were many varieties of produce from local Amish and Mennonite farmers.
The trailers lined up to be viewed before heading into the auction house for bidding.

Produce auction

Auction for Leola Produce


HUGE Pumpkins

These were the pumpkins that we “won” for our client.  They were a bit bigger than anticipated and the van was riding a little low on the way back home but it was a fun and interesting day.

Leola Produce Auction
Brethren Church Road
Leola, Pa


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