We were thrilled when asked to create a modern, hip event to celebrate light as art
at The Philadelphia Art Museum. This event was an incredible opportunity to push creative boundries with the use of modern technology.
TableArt assembled the A-team, AFR Furniture Rental, Cort, Elan ArtistsEventions Productions, Marie Labbancz Photography, Stephen Starr Events.

With a guest list of clients attending LIGHTFAIR International, there was no doubt that lighting was a key design element. There were many additional components that completed this spectacular evening that we wanted to share with you.

Photograph taken by Marie Labbancz with lighting provided by Eventions Productions

LIGHTFAIR International
LIGHTFAIR International
is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial trade show and conference blending continuing education courses with innovative products ranging from high-end design to cutting-edge technology.
This year it was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

modern lighting in traditional museum

Focal Point
A focal point is an important element from which every other design element radiates.
The sculpture of Diana is the featured focal point of the Philadelphia Art Museum. As guests entered, they were ushered up the grand staircase flanked with red glowing spheres and illuminated pink ice tornados that lead to this beautiful, classic sculpture.

Photo taken by Marie Labbancz. Lighting provided by Eventions Productions

Lighting Scheme
Given the very educated audience attending this event, a great lighting design was important. Kathy Warden of TableArt worked closely with Brian Toner of Eventions Productions to design the lighting scheme so that the guests attention was focused on the  different spaces in this event. Video Walls, Plasma screens and video coffee tables tables were used to showcase the clients innovative product line.

Illuminated white cymbidium orchid

Innovative Technology
A simple, floating cymbidium orchid was beautifully showcased
as an art piece displayed on a contemporary cocktail table with an internal light source.

Pink Mokara Orchids

Black, White and Pink
The hot pink mokara orchids popped off the black shimmer linens and
provided a fun focal point in this black and white mod lounge area.

white hydrangea buffet display

Details Captured
TableArt loves working with photographer Marie Labbancz. She captured the large scale effects and the intimate details beautifully. Her unique editorial style has made her one of the most widely published wedding photographers.
We love the quote off of her website:

“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means
and hold it fixed so that  hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it,
it moves again, since it is life.”  William Faulkner

Cort and ARF Furniture Rentals

Mod Intimacy
Several distinctly styled lounges were created for guests to share private moments.
Furniture provided by Cort and AFR Furniture Rental.

Yellow patterned dance floor wash provided by Eventions Productions

Guests were entertained by The Hudson Project represented by Elan Artists in an ampitheater setting in front of a dance floor created from a patterned wash.

Photo taken by Marie Labbancz. Lighting provided by Eventions Productions

There is the old adage, “If your going to do it …go big!”
The timeline for the turnover was tight. Many thanks to all of the talented designers
and their hard working staff members for making this a successful evening.


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