KPW Productions will spend a lot of time getting to know you and your vision for your wedding ceremony. We believe that visualizing your ceremony is an important part of planning your special day.

We ask questions to facilitate the process of planning your wedding ceremony… What traditions are important to you? Do you have a strong connection with a church or synagogue? If you want a chuppah, do you have a family tallis that will serve as the topper? Will you write your own vows?

Over the last year, we have seen that self-uniting ceremonies have become popular with our clients. A self-uniting ceremony gives couples the option to choreograph and perform their own ceremony without an officiant; this is an ideal format for couples looking to forgo traditions and create a truly personalized wedding ceremony.

 We had the opportunity to work with soulmates, Emily and Michael. Their priority was to celebrate their love for each other, and the journey they were about to endeavor as life partners. Their vision was to perform their own self-uniting ‘Commitment Ceremony’.

We were thrilled at the opportunity to create the perfect environment for them. We installed a clear top frame tent in the garden creating an environment of a greenhouse, and we selected design details that celebrated E&M’s bohemian and whimsical personal style.

Commitment Ceremony, Wedding

The chairs for their ceremony were arranged in a semi-circle; creating an intimate and sacred space. As the guests entered for the ceremony, KPW staff handed out lace tambourine’s and lyrics to songs selected by E&M. Guests were encouraged to mingle and find a seat next to someone they didn’t know.

Commitment Ceremony Wedding

Commitment Ceremony Wedding

Following a warm welcome by E&M, Emily played the guitar and invited guests to sing along and play the tambourines.  The exchanging of vows was so heartfelt and thoughtful that there was not a dry eye in the greenhouse. Throughout the evening guests continued to rave at how special it was to be apart of Emily & Michael’s Commitment Ceremony; the experience so personal, unique to the couple, and inclusive of their family and friends.

Commitment Ceremony Wedding

Commitment Ceremony Wedding

 How do you envision your wedding ceremony?

Additional images of Emily & Michael’s Commitment Ceremony and Celebration captured by Asya Photography can be found in our gallery.

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