We got the call…

Three weeks to plan an over-the-top birthday party for 50 guests.
The TableArt team went into high gear brainstorming about all of the details
– the invitation, decor, menu, lighting, photography, and entertainment.

What better venue than Stephen Starr Events exclusive space Tangerine.
The ambiance and the atmosphere were perfect and the catering was top notch.
The client loved it!
With three weeks and counting and we had to move fast.

Stephen Starr Events

Much time and effort goes into the planning of an event.

Marie Labbancz was there to capture images of the details prior to guest arrival.
She is incredibly talented and always a pleasure to work with.

Led by a path of sultry candles and moss balls, guests felt like they were walking
into a private club as they entered Tangerine from Market Street.

TableArt designs at Tangerine

As soon as guests arrived to the main event space, they realized they were in store for an extraordinary evening with a visual WOW factor of 10. With linens, lighting, and decor, Tangerine can be transformed into whatever vision a client may have.

Yes, we brought many lighters to light the hundreds of candles!

Factoring the time it takes to light the candles before guests arrive is always taken into consideration when creating time lines and assigning staff responsibilities for an event of this caliber. We always bring a “just in case” box to each event that includes everything imaginable – from Band-Aids to Windex.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

So that when the client arrives everything is perfect and they can enjoy
a signature Stephen Starr Events cocktail. The cocktails for this particular event were chosen from the latest Stephen Starr Restaurant, Talula’s Garden.

The Artist – Sparkling Wine, Grapefruit Juice, Nasturtium Flower

The Beekeeper – Boozy Sun Tea, Wildflower Honey, Lavender Blossoms

The Wine Maker – “Spring-ria” White Wine, Fresh Fruit, Basil, Lemon Balm

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

No detail was overlooked.

To give the bar extra hotness, submerged cymbidium orchids topped with a floating candle were designed in modern straight sided glass cylinders and placed at staggered heights.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

The bar was hot… but the raw bar carved out of ice and lit from below was sizzling!

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

Beautifully rolled-to-order sushi by Stephen Starr Events in-house sushi chef
was part of the dairy and gluten free menu requested by the client.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

The menu cards designed by Two PaperDolls looked fabulous placed on glass chargers and the leopard print linens were fun and unexpected for a male’s birthday party.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

The client loved the dramatic effect of the stunning centerpieces.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

There is nothing quite like the ambiance created from the back wall lit with over 80 votive candles. With all the elements pulled together, Tangerine looked amazing.

TableArt designs with Stephen Starr Events

Guests played casino games throughout the evening provided by The Main Event.
Musical entertainment was provided by Minas Music

Every detail was considered.

No Nuts Nikki creatively displayed allergy free cupcakes
on silver candelabras adorned with glass beads.

Amazing birthday parties like this one keep the TableArt Team
on our toes and our creative juices flowing…fast!
Three weeks – no problem!
If you are considering hosting an upcoming event, we would love to join you…

Many thanks to all of the participating professionals

Marie LabbanczPhotography

Minas Music – Entertainment

No Nuts Nikki– Allergy Free Cake & Cupcakes

Stephen Starr Events Catering & Venue

The Main EventCasino Games

Two PaperDolls Invitation and Menu Cards

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