One of the most effective ways to transform a raw space
into a client’s event of their dreams is through dramatic lighting,
draping and visual creativity.

TableArt teamed up with All Around Entertainment, Eventions Productions,
Leslie Rosen Catering,
and Philip Gabriel Photography for an incredible evening.

We share with you images of the effect of lighting and drape can change the mood
of event throughout the course of the evening.

farm table

Changing shades of color in each environment as an event progresses
is a fabulous way to build the evening and deepen the experience for your guests.
The first visual for guests as they arrived was an incredible farm table
designed with rich fall textures and tones.
The mood was enhanced by amber uplighting lighting and beige drape
that was used as a backdrop.

beforeAre you ready?….This space was transformed into…


….this Tropical Lounge for the kids.

Take advantage and have fun with lighting!
Splashes of turquoise and lime green color washes on the drape
enhanced the festive feeling of this tropical inspired lounge.

Tropical Lounge

We love this brilliant blue linen and the use of market umbrellas
as an architectural element within the space.

Are you ready again?

beforeThis space….was transformed into…


…This fabulous dining room for the adults. The white china and stemware popped
off the bright orange linen. Guests were amazed by the transformation.
The brilliant, bright colors heightened everyone’s mood – it was time to have fun!

beautiful backdrop

A tranquil blue color wash provided an beautiful backdrop
for the striking centerpieces of cymbidium orchids, monstero leaves and white bamboo poles.

Each of the stunning centerpiece were pin spotted.
Pin spot lighting is an intentionally directed focused beam of light
that highlights a decor element such as a centerpiece or a cake table.


When considering a venue for an event, it is important to
include lighting and draping as part of the transformation of any space.
We love flowers but great lighting makes everything look better.

A special thanks to All Around Entertainment,  Eventions Productions,
Leslie Rosen Catering and Philip Gabriel Photography.

For more information on TableArt,
please visit our website at

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